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Service – Sectional Title & HOA

Hanco Management & Services (PTY) LTD offers the following:

  • Management of Sectional Title Buildings, HOA Estates, New and Established Schemes (Buildings.)
  • Full Office Administrative Service (= secretarial, debtors, creditors, financials).
  • 1 x Financial Budget Meeting held ± 2 months before that building’s financial year end.
  • Each Scheme that we manage has its own Separate Bank Account, Investment/Savings Bank Account, Reserve Bank Account and if required, a Debit Card Account.
  • Salary/Wage Runs with pay slips and manage the statutory payments such as Paye, Uif, and Wca.
  • Expert advice on the Annual Budget planning and compilation, because of our historic experience herein. We offer the planning and compilation of the 10 year budget plan as required by the (CSOS) Act.
  • We expertly and effectively manage Insurance Claims.
  • Transparency on the big question that Owners ask = “How is my Levy Applied”.
  • A comprehensive and transparent Financial Accounting system.

Other Services:

Hanco has access to Contractors and Service Providers, whom offers Quotations and Services for:

  • General Maintenance, Plumbing, Electrical Repairs, Geyser and component replacement/installation (according to SABS standards), Gate Automation, Electric Fencing, CCTV installations and Security Guard services.
  • Building, Construction, Tiling.
  • Painting services (guaranteed paint jobs, assisted by professional Paint Supplier companies, who offer professional advice and supervision.)

Additional Services

  • Hanco is a service company and we render Additional Services, documents and goods which do not form part of our compulsory services as determined by the Amended Section Titles Act (STSMA) Act 8 of 2011 and the Community Scheme Ombud Service (CSOS) Act 9 of 2011.
  • If a Client, Trustee or Owner utilizes any of our Additional Services, we charge separate fees for such services.
    According to the
  • Competitions Act, we, as a registered company, is authorized to determine the charges for the services that we provide and to negotiate competitive prices for our Additional and Other services, documents and goods that we offer.
  • We include a list of our Additional and Other services with our Management Contract.

Hanco Management & Services (PTY) LTD offers the following:

  • Our Website is available for our clients to logon and view all items and matters available on the pages.
  • Our clients can register and receive logon details to view their Levy Account and history reports
  • The Trustees can register and receive logon details to view Financial Statements.
  • Click Here to go to the logon page


HANCO presents to you an Exciting NEW Service – Available to you right now.

Hanco offers to you our NEW Assist Management Services – that will benefit your company, clients and yourself in the following ways:

  1. Peace of Mind, Less Stress, Professional and Time Based Work Delivery, Calm and Satisfied Clients – which will ultimately give you that one illusive thing that every working business man and woman craves, but rarely finds “Extra Free Time…” to plow back into your company and even into your personal life.
  2. We have behind us 21 proud years of hard work, hands-on management, intense training, knowledge and experience, which made us experts in delivering the services required by the Sectional Title and Home Owners Association Schemes industry.
  3. We add that rare “personal touch and caring” for the work that we deliver.
  4. We are very Strict with our Arrears Recovery service, which proves that our method of dealing with these matters and the procedures which we have made our own over the years, do the job and bring the desired results.
  5. We deliver this service when we are mandated to do so by the Trustees or Directors of the Scheme.
  6. We are registered with the (PPRA) Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority – and hold valid FFC certificates.
  7. We are members of PADDOCKS, from whom we receive monthly updates and information of new issues and situations which happen in the Sectional Title industry. We can then focus on such issues or save this valuable information for future reference.
  8. We also place relevant items on our Website, for the convenience of our Clients and other interested parties who view our Web Pages.

Hanco will offer any Entrepreneur, Emerging, Existing, Established Managing Agents the following:

  1. A service that HANCO has custom designed for the (*entrepreneur /*emerging ) Managing Agent, who is ready to get involved in the (STSMA) Sectional Title and Home Owners Association Schemes industry.
  2. A service that will equally suit the (*existing /*established ) Managing Agent, who is already involved in the Sectional Title and Home Owners Association Schemes industry.
  3. Our company’s existing infrastructure and office space.
  4. Our extremely well trained, hard-working and experienced staff members, to serve as a “Behind the Scenes Work Force” who will take over and perform certain time consuming and tedious duties and administrative tasks on behalf of the (*entrepreneur /*emerging /*existing /*established) Managing Agent.
  5. Our knowledge of the newly revised (STSMA) Sectional Titles Act.
  6. Our knowledge of the new (CSOS) Community Schemes Ombud Service.
  7. Assistance to the (*entrepreneur /*emerging /*existing /*established ) Managing Agent, to manage their company without having to rent expensive office space, or having to become very labour intensive.
  8. The convenience to the Owner of the (*potential / emerging / new / existing) Managing Agent Company, of running/managing their entire business, using only their laptop computer and Cell Phone, from wherever and whenever they find it suitable.

Should you be interested kindly contact Hanna Olivier at(011) 768-6414 or send an e-mail to: hanna@hanco.co.za

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