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Remuneration (Our Fees)

Our Management fees for our compulsory duties plus Additional and Other services that we deliver, are set out in our Management Contract.

Listed below are services and duties which are NOT the Managing Agent’s duties, responsibility and liability:

  • Errors on the Council Accounts – i.e. Incorrect billing, Non-billing, Estimated readings, Unallocated payments, Power or Water Disconnection / Reconnection done by the Council.
  • Sorting out Council Account queries at the Municipal offices – sorting out the odd problem is done by us, but spending unlimited hours at the Municipal offices to sort out problems and queries on Council Accounts, is not part of our everyday duties.
  • Cash flow problems of the (Scheme) Building = Insufficient funds in the Bank Account of the (Scheme) due to:
    (i) Council Account errors;
    (ii) Insufficient Levy increases as decided by the Trustees and the owners of the (Scheme);
    (iii) Over spending and expenditure outside the approved, annual budget, allowed by the Trustees and the owners.
  • Supervision of work – done at the complex by independent contractors – is the Trustee’s responsibility;
  • Authorization of Payment – for work done at the complex – is the Trustee’s responsibility.
  • Supervision and control – of the duties of employees of the (Scheme) – is the
  • Trustee’s responsibility.
  • Personal issues and living conditions problems – of owners and residents inside the complex.
  • Rental arrangements – between Owners, Tenants and Rental Agents.

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