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HANCO MANAGEMENT & SERVICES (Pty) Ltd. offers the following Services to the Developer – FREE OF CHARGE: – No charge – for Insurance Certificates on first sale from Developer to another party.

  • We will collect the necessary documents and Sectional Title Plans from the Developer.
  • We will plan and prepare a budget for the Complex – as per the PQ’s.
  • We will determine the Levy of each unit – as per the Sectional Title Plans.
  • We will prepare and draw up a Schedule – which reflects the Levy of each unit – and submit it to the Selling Agent of the Developer – to assist in the sales of the units.
  • We will assist the Conveyance Attorneys in whatever way to assist the sale of the units.
  • We will prepare an initial set of Conduct Rules for the Complex.
  • We will obtain the necessary quotations from Service providers – to ensure that the initial management period of the Complex, runs smoothly – e.g. Garden Service, Security Service, Meter Readers etc.
  • We will obtain and arrange Insurance for the Complex.
  • We will prepare and dispurse all the necessary documentation, to inform the Owners of the Inaugural meeting of the Complex.
  • We will do all the necessary arrangements for the Inaugural meeting.
    We will assist the new Purchasers, telephonically on all queries and concerns they may Have on investing in a new development.

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