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Arrears Recovery

ARREARS RECOVERY – Levy Arrears and all monies (*Debt) owed to the Scheme

1. This service is performed to recover Levy Account Arrears and all other monies owed to the Scheme.
2. We perform this service for the Scheme {*Body Corporate} mandated by a signed Trustee Resolution.
3. Our Company HANCO, is very strict and successful with our Arrears Recovery Services.

4 The Procedure: – (*Short Description)

4.1 We issue an Arrears Notice to the Owner of the arrears Unit;
4.2 If we do not receive any response from the Arrears Owner, then we issue a Final Notice;
4.3 If the Arrears Owner makes part / insufficient payment; and/or no response is received from the Arrears Owner, then the Arrears Levy Account is handed over to our Litigation Attorneys for Legal Collection Actions – (*The Arrears Owner is billed a Handover Fee)
4.4 Our Litigation Attorneys, will proceed to Serve Summons;
4.5 If the Arrears Owner does not comply with the Terms + Conditions of the Summons, the Litigation Attorneys will then Apply for Judgement against the Arrears Owner;
4.6 Should all of these actions fail to recover the (*Debt) amount, then the Arrears Owner’s Moveable Property will be attached.
4.7 If this action fails to recover the (*Debt) amount, then our Litigation Attorneys will apply for Section 66 whereby the Immovable Property (*The Unit) is attached and sold on Auction by the Sheriff.

5. FEES + CHARGES Payable for Arrears Recovery Services

5.1 All actions, procedures and Legal processes performed in an effort to Recover Arrears and other monies owed to the Scheme {*Body Corporate}, carry various Fees, Costs and Charges.
5.2 Such fees are determined by the Managing Agent + the Legal Fees are determined by the Attorneys.
5.3 The Arrears Owner (*Debtor) is liable to pay all Fees, Costs and Charges incurred in the efforts to recover his/her outstanding (*Debt) amount.
5.4 Such charges are billed directly to the Arrears Owner (*Debtor) Levy Account on a monthly basis.

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