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  • Why did my Monthly Bill increase so much?
  • I did not change anything inside my House
  • I did not change my Lifestyle

Answer: ELECTRICITY consumption and cost rises 10% – 100% in WINTER. Any appliances inside your House which produces HEAT will consume more Electricity in WINTER than in SUMMER.

**Kettles, Toasters, Clothing Irons, Stove Plates, Ovens, Washing Machines (Hot Water), Geysers, Tumble Dryers, Curling Irons, Hair Dryers etc**

All these items will start working from a much lower temperature in WINTER than in SUMMER, therefore consuming much more Electricity to reach the same operating temperatures.

Ambient temperature is also lower, therefore these items will consume more energy to maintain operating at the desired temperatures, (cooling down faster).

The cold Water inlet to your Geyser is also at a much lower temperature during WINTER than during SUMMER, therefor Geysers use much more energy during WINTER to produce the same amount of Hot Water.

With the sun setting earlier and rising later, we also use our lights in and around the Home for longer periods.

Therefore without changing anything to your Lifestyle, in WINTER you will consume much more Electricity than in SUMMER.

Also, many ESKOM and Council Tariffs increase automatically on the 1st of June each year, by more than 50%, for a period of 3 Months (called Winter Tariffs)

On top of this the ESKOM and Council Annual Tariff Increases take place on the 1st of April, and the 1st of July each year respectively, further increasing your cost.

*Compiled as a curtesy REMINDER for the convenience of YOU, our valued client*

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